Gas operated appliances and features offer a refined touch to the look and feel of your home. Whether you are converting to indoor gas appliances or installing a fire pit in your backyard, gas piping installation for your home in a very complex and technical process. The pipe installation process deals with a lot of highly flammable and dangerous materials. Proper materials and procedures must be followed to avoid faulty installation. In addition, gas lines must be calibrated to the correct BTU levels for proper operation. Mistakes during this process could lead to compromised integrity of the pipes or, in a worse case, explosion or destruction of property. Because of the labor and skill intensive nature of gas pipe installation, we strongly recommend hiring a trained professional to make these modifications to your home.

Outdoor Gas Pipes

If you are considering adding an outdoor fire pit to your residence, call us today to discuss your various options. We will discuss if there are city or county restrictions in your area that may require you to secure the proper permits. We will consult with you regarding your outdoor living space to ensure gas lines are installed safely and securely away from exposure.

Electric to Gas Conversion

If you are considering converting your existing, electric appliances to gas appliances such as stoves or furnaces, we will install all the necessary piping and valve mechanisms so you can cook and heat your home worry free.

As gas appliances have become the preferred choice of homeowners, our service professionals at K Lund Mechanical Heating & Air can install these technical additions to your home in accordance with today’s highest safety standard.

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